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As many of our customers are aware, Thai Spa products are internationally renowned for its high quality and frequency of use in traditional Thai culture. Every year tens of millions of tourists fall in love with Thai aromatherapy. That is why it’s our goal is to bring only the highest quality Thai spa products to America. We focus on using as few ingredients as possible in order to provide pure and natural products.  


Positive Essence products are small-batch hand mixed by people who are passionate about providing customers with the highest quality farm-fresh aromatherapy products on the market. We believe in the simplicity of nature and reflect this through our straightforward product ingredients. Using only eco-friendly essential oils and plant-based components that are carefully selected scent quality, we’ve made fans out of thousands throughout North America – our glowing reviews can attest!

  • No petrochemicals, parabens, or potentially dangerous ingredients are used in any of our products

  • Raw material containers are recycled

  • No animal testing 

Trusted Quality

The remarkable uses of essential oils can only be maximized when using pure essential oils. Since quality regulations are virtually non-existent, knowing where your oils come from and how they are created is crucial to ensuring effectiveness. 

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